MOCFG PAC to begin major ad campaign


July 17, 2013

ST LOUIS, MO – The Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee (MOCFG PAC) announced today that it will begin a statewide advertising blitz next week in support of the Grow Missouri campaign to encourage legislators to override Governor Nixon’s veto of HB 253. “The passage of HB 253 marks the first time in nearly 100 years that the personal income tax rate has been lowered in Missouri, and it is imperative that our legislator’s stand up for taxpayers and override Governor Nixon’s veto of this important legislation,” said MOCFG PAC Chairman Bev Randles.

The MOCFG PAC has been diligent in recruiting and supporting fiscally conservative candidates that will fight for all Missouri taxpayers in Jefferson City. MOCFG PAC thoroughly compares elected officials’ voting records with their campaign promises to identify and support true fiscal conservatives, and looks forward to the upcoming veto session beginning on September 11. MOCFG PAC will review the HB 253 override vote tally in advance of any 2014 endorsements. “The HB 253 veto override is a key vote for the Missouri Club for Growth and a true test of leadership for our elected officials,” said MOCFG PAC Treasurer, Melanie Abrajano. “Missouri legislators simply cannot label themselves fiscally conservative and fail to support this important override vote.”
The Grow Missouri campaign is a unique blend of Missouri’s largest business and grassroots organizations working hand-in-hand to lower the tax rate for all Missouri taxpayers. More information about the coalition can be found at

MOCFG PAC’s Grow Missouri campaign ads:
A thirty second television ad entitled “Compete” will run in the Kansas City area on broadcast stations and cable systems.
A thirty second television ad entitled “Enough” will run throughout the rest of Missouri on broadcast stations and cable systems.
A sixty second radio ad entitled “Opportunities” will run on radio stations throughout Missouri.