Chairman Jones statement on deceitful Anne Zerr ad


On July 13th, candidate for State Senate in the 23rd district, Anne Zerr, released a false, negative campaign ad against her conservative opponent, Bill Eigel.  The ad asserts that the Missouri Club for Growth PAC, which has endorsed Eigel, supports Common Core and a state sales tax.  These attacks are outright, blatant lies and I demand her campaign remove the deceitful ad from the airwaves immediately.  The Missouri Club for Growth PAC has never supported a one-size-fits-all approach to education such as Common Core and never will.  In addition, the Missouri Club for Growth PAC is well known as the strongest fiscal conservative advocacy organization in the state.  We have worked tirelessly to decrease the tax burden on Missouri families while decrying crony capitalism and tax credits for wealthy developers and corporations.

It is shameful that Anne Zerr’s desperate campaign would intentionally deceive and mislead Missouri voters.  Such deceit should not be tolerated and I am confident this tactic will backfire on her on August 2nd.  Voters are sick and tired of lying career politicians like Anne Zerr.  I am thankful they have a fresh, conservative choice in businessman Bill Eigel.

Tim Jones
Missouri Club for Growth PAC